doc:paranoise - decay time
[pnp01 . cdr . 1998 . first edition ltd.32 . sold out]
tracklist :
1. misantropia
2. time to run
3. the message
4. burning nerves
5. ave maria
6. suprawire
7. b8
8. elektrosmog
9. brainfuck
10. b10
11. kosowar report
12. mess age
alien magazin no.6 :
the one from others antimusical abnormalitty is in the world and in 12 tracks. musically is this project soak with every detestable and depresive, but some of this tracks sounds not so ortodox - noise. listener by listening this schizofrenic blocks can find many disturbing elements, samples and musical area which create all cover of this work. like a track and a whole cause not here not the only sequention, so every fan of experimental decay appreciate this crazy soundtrack of nearest future. (ryby)