audiotrop compilation
[atrop01/pnp12 . cd . 2007 . ltd.500]
tracklist :
1. elfish echo - die ideale matratze
2. fatagaga - cosmists
3. 8m2stereo - unc.
4. z'ev - the last köln concert (excerpt)
5. co.caspar.osp - nocturnal access
6. fura bliss - lockroomlock
7. shades & shapes - flattern live mix
8. lostheim - grünfunk
9. fatagaga - silent green
label info :
special compilation made for the c/o pop affair '07 in cologne where our new label "audiotrop" will be presented. "audiotrop" is a collaboration of the labels "satori hype", "drittland" and "paranoise".
the cd contains some typical experimental and ambient works of the different label protagonists.
we call it lucid music.

vital weekly #597 :
(...) both bands (fatagaga & elfish echo) also appear on audiotrop, a compilation of all the labels involved, and fatagaga has a totally different piece here, a sort of ambient rhythm minimalist piece, just like 8m2stereo. the music on this compilation is not restricted to ambient music, but also the more experimental music is not forgotten. z'ev (a total surprise to see him here) has a nice subdued metal piece. more noise related outings come from co.caspar and lostheim. also included are shades & shapes and fura bliss. quite a varied compilation, and perhaps a bit too much over the place, but it also serves as a nice introduction to new names. (fdw)


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