hajo moormann - rapid eye movements
[pnp14 . 6-cdr-box . 2009 . private edition]
tracklist :
cd 1. rem.2009.07.31.1
cd 2. rem.2009.07.31.2
cd 3. rem.2009.08.01.1
cd 4. rem.2009.08.01.2
cd 5. rem.2009.08.02.1
cd 6. rem.2009.08.02.2
label info :
rem - rapid eye movements.
this was the theme of an exhibition of four artists at the bbk kunstforum düsseldorf.
hajo moormann participated with a sound-installation which filled the rooms with dreamlike sounds :
two cds with different fragments of horror videos were played in random mode so that they created new compositions every time. the cds stood for the two hemispheres of the brain (ratio and emotion) which only in cooperation will come to full effect in a dream. episodical and mysterious.
the cd-box contains six recordings with over one hour each of the installation recorded during three days of the exhibition.
private edition only.


lostheim homepage (noise project of hajo moormann)