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aeoga - coav   CD [aural hypnox] 14,00 €

 The debut album of Aeoga presents very original and haunting material based on spiralling dark drones, eerie guitar feedback textures, archaic drum and cymbal patterns, atonal / tonal vocalizations and distant / peculiar sample layers. The 8 tracks of the album offer material from organic dark ambient / archaic & ascetic horizons to dark and haunting tribal / ritual atmospheres. "To exhaust mind and body in order to obtain a condition of non-consciousness and thus receive, realize and create material based on both primal and absent vision". Comes in a special octagon shaped cardboard covers including an 6 panel textured cardboard sleeve. (label info)

aeoga – zenith beyond the helix-locus   CD [aural hypnox] 14,00 €

ad lux tenebrae – sketches from that autumn   CD-R lim.132 [abgurd]  11,00 €

 first official release of ural project ad lux tenebrae (towards the light of darkness) consists of recordings made during 'that autumn'. the main style is shamanic, ritual drone, dark ambient performed and fixed with improvised means in a hut in the midst of ural forest. ALT uses handmade instruments – a violin with springs played with a steel bow -, field recordings, harp, acoustic guitars, vocals and voices, old recordings with folk songs of bashkir nation. very potent and original album with strong taste of muskarine, fragrance of autumn forest and fierceful mesmerism. cardboard sleeve, ink-jet printed cd. (label info)

ah cama-sotz - the house of the lordth   LP [ant-zen] 11,00 €

aidan baker - same river twice (1st edition)   7" [drone records] 6,00 €

alarmen – there's no place like hoan   CD [audiophob 2006] 14,00 €

alio die - the way of fire (2nd edition)   7" [drone records] 5,00 €

ambre – enclave   CD [ant-zen] 14,00 €

ambush – pigs   LP [common cause] 13,00 €

ambush - lach !   2LP [maximum voice] 17,00 €

ammo - the age of terminal irony   12" [flyco] 7,00 €

amon - aura rhanes (2nd edition)   7" [drone records] 5,00 €

anemone tube – existence   CD [auf abwegen] 12,00 €

anemone tube - forget heaven/angel falls   2CD [transfixional] 14,00 €

anti-verstand – electroorganics   CD-R [fight muzik] 13,00 €

anti-verstand – untitled   CD-R lim.75 [abgurd] 11,00 €

 another catacomb project from leningrad. mind erasing overcompressed harsh shit-noise made of radionoise, prepared toys, fucked-up samples, voices etc. contains all tracks from tape releases by 'yaop' except 'electroorganics', with a bonus track from a sick live session in summer 05. handmade sleeve with insert.

arktau eos – mirrorion   CD [aural hypnox] 14,00 €

 mirrorion unites atavistic elemental noise with serene passages of crystaline spectral ambience, using a deverse selection of acoustic instruments and intuitive sound manipulation to approach the singular enigma of non-being. the unearthly choral of kang-lings, piercing blasts of windbones, accelerating steel-plate rolls, singing bowls and various kinds of stringed instruments prepare the way for the perceptive listener. comes in a six-panel a5 cardboard booklet. (label info)

arktau eos – scorpion milk   CD-R [aural hypnox] 13,00 €

aube – deglaze (2nd edition)   LP [old europa café] 14,00 €

aube/dschim – volition/oskarehs waldtaubenspaziergang  10" lim.276 [licht-ung] 12,00 €

 part one of a new split-10" series by licht-ung in typical minimalistic outfit. strange noise constructions by aube and minimal feedback noises by dschim (= milan sandbleistift).

bardoseneticcube - technosphere   CD-R [ultra] 14,00 €

bastard – zing boom   CD [plattenmeister] 5,00 €

beefcake – polycontrale contrapunkte   CD [hymen] 14,00 €

beequeen – treatise   CD [auf abwegen] 13,00 €

black lung – rhic-edom   12" [ant-zen] 7,00 €

blood ov thee christ – master control   CD [segerhuva] 14,00 €

boyd rice & z'ev – z'ev & boyd rice   12" [cold spring]  14,00 €

 this stunning 12" brings together two long-time san francisco friends and legends of the industrial music scene. boyd rice is well-known for his project NON and for his collaborations with death in june, rose mcdowall, coil and tony wakeford. z'ev uses metall percussion and electronics to create rhythmajik and has collaborated with stephen o'malley (sunn o))), oren ambarchi, psychic tv, kk null and organum. red marbled vinyl lim. 1000.

brian ladd – unsubmitted themes for hellraiser   CD [auf abwegen] 13,00 €

brume – hysterical   CD [transfixional] 14,00 €

burma jam – emergency broadcast system   LP (2.hd) [gawa] 7,00 €

carsten vollmer – arbeit nr.7   7" [cat killer] 5,00 €

celluloid mata – la connectique   12" [hymen] 7,00 €

cisfinitum – "V"   CD [waystyx records] 14,00 €

cisfinitum – vs (curve/curse) (1st edition)   7" [drone records] 6,00 €

cisfinitum – bezdna   CD [monochrome vision] 14,00 €

 New album of Moscow-based project Cisfinitum is the experiment in more emotional rather than in musical domain. Deep and profound, it's touching the most dark corners of human soul and takes it to the imaginary otherworlds. This peculiar quality of Cisfinitum music is achieved through extensive use of soviet analogue synthesizers (ANS, Polyvox, Yunost-21, Formanta amongst others), but the spiritual beauty of "Bezdna" is also created by violin and omnipresent voices. Psychoactive dark ambient combined with melodic incantations. (label info)

co.caspar – epitaph   CD [waystyx records] 14,00 €

co.caspar – labcopilation2   CD [paranoise] 13,00 €

 this compilation of the berlin performance artist contains studio works from 98 - 03. it's a collection of poetry set to intense noise compositions that sear the imagination like a white hot brand. with his mechanical 'clang tools' and processed concrete tones co.caspar creates an impressive metallic soundscape in best industrial tradition. contains two new previously unreleased tracks.

"cd is a must have." (necrophonie #1)

"Like COIL at their peak, COC has the power to prise open magickal doors of perception and let his audience peek through into other worlds. this provides ample inspiration to set the cortex reeling." (the wire #254)

column one – feldaufnahmen I   CD [auf abwegen] 14,00 €

column one – preset training   10" [90% wasser] 11,00 €

column one & genesis p.orridge – vis spei   CD [cut-up constructions] 12,00 €

con-dom - get right with god   LP [membrum debile] 14,00 €

con-dom/militia – scorched earth policy   CD [old europa café] 14,00 €

converter – firebloom   12" [hymen] 10,00 €

converter – blast furnace   CD-box [ant-zen] 21,00 €

deadwood – ramblack   LP [cold spring]  14,00 €

 "ramblack" is the follow up to 2005 album "8 19". over the past 3 years this swedish artist has been toiling away, creating a new black ambient / death noise masterpiece. this beast of an album layers the tonal prayers of demons, the distorted cries of angels, sickness and depravity. true death electronics. the soundtrack to your end. features guest vocals from norwegian black metal legend maniac (skitliv, ex-mayhem). truly one of the most sick and twisted pieces of sonic art ever recorded. enjoy the disease ! red marbled vinyl.

delphium – snowhill-X (2nd edition)   7" [drone records] 5,00 €

ditterich von euler-donnersperg – pelzwurstlieder neuntes heft (fledermaus)   7"-set lim.200  [walter ulbricht schallfolien 2005] 21,00 €

ditterich von euler-donnersperg – pelzwurstlieder zehntes heft (kröte)   7"-set lim.200  [walter ulbricht schallfolien 2006] 21,00 € 

ditterich von euler-donnersperg – pelzwurstlieder elftes heft (assel)   7"-set lim.200  [walter ulbricht schallfolien 2007] 21,00 € 

 this one comes with additional scientific text book.

ditterich von euler-donnersperg – pelzwurstlieder zwölftes heft (igel)   7"-set lim.200  [walter ulbricht schallfolien 2008] 21,00 €

ditterich von euler-donnersperg – pelzwurstlieder dreizehntes heft (keiler)   7"-set lim.200  [walter ulbricht schallfolien 2009] 21,00 € 

 new release of this wonderful picture-7" series. again with high quality package, illustrations and texts. very recommended.

dj kareem - kareem's schattenreich   12" [zhark] 7,00 €

dj kareem - black september   12" [zhark] 7,00 €

ecclesiastical scaffolding - lucid dreaming (1st edition)   7" [drone records] 6,00 €

echo west – stars   7" [membrum debile] 11,00 €

eisengrau – principles   LP+10"box [220n] 22,00 €

elfish echo – neurodelic jungle   CD-R lim.24 [drittland 2006] 16,00 €

 this cd captures the sound and idiosyncrasies of a new and unique synthesizer called Resonator Neuronium. though analog and digital effects, loopers and processors have been used, the only sound source as such is the Resonator. comes in special honeycomb package.

emerge - relativity (1st edition)   7" [drone records] 6,00 €

eonic – shadows   CD [abgurd] 13,00 €

 this album by a project from south of russia was recorded in 2003 and got multiple enthusiastic reviews in zines and webzines. 'shadows' brings calm, soft electronic ambient with a touch of oriental style melodies, which takes you to absolute serenity from beyond. with its marvelous pieces it builds castles in the air, creates out-worlds, spreads forth yearning for parallel spaces. (label info)

fatagaga - laudanum vol.1   CD [soleilmoon] 13,00 €

fatagaga - laudanum vol.2   CD-R [satori hype] 13,00 €

fatagaga - laudanum vol.3   CD-R [satori hype] 13,00 €

 deep listening ambient trilogy now finaly finished in perfect quality. sounds like diving in the dark dephts of the ocean or exploring unknown catacombs on a far away planet with a long forgotten civilization. all three items together for 30 €.

fatagaga - cruising   CD-R [satori hype] 13,00 €

 easy listening house tunes. very relaxed. best for driving a car through an endless hot desert.

fatagaga – the celebration of the chameleon   CD-R [satori hype] 13,00 €

 new release with finest deep listening ambient. each cd comes with unique label printing.

faust – ravvivando   CD [klangbad] 14,00 €

fennesz - ...plays   mCD [moikai] 7,00 €

fragmented - the emotion finally   CD [transfixional] 14,00 €

francisco lopez – el dia anterior a la emergencia de los adultos de magicicada   3"CD [purplesoil] 8,00 €

 ultra low frequency drone.

francois douris-colombe - s/t   CD [solipsism] 11,00 €

funkstillesender / komatöserzustand – dno   CD-R [abgurd] 11,00 €

 radionoisedrones. emotionless poisened masterpiece. lo-fi rumbles, voice passages… dense and all devouring set. (label info)

funkstillesender – gribnoy sezon / smert kosmonavta   MC lim.71 [abgurd] 11,00 €

 thick, mangling radiodrones. abundantly harsh and noisy. the last release of this project from russia.

goran besov – elements   2LP [megahertz] 14,00 €

government alpha – schwingend   CD [licht-ung] 13,00 €

groß@rtig - devot & despot   CD [big noise] 7,00 €

halo manash – syoma   CD [aural hypnox] 14,00 €

 Halo Manash's third full-lenght album, titled 'SYoMA', offer both minimalistic and complex material mainly created via acoustic instrumentation. The ritualistic / electro-acoustic soundscape is based on dark and hypnotic sample textures, evolving guitar drones, dynamic ritual-percussions & reverberating gongs/chimes/bells, chanting vocalizations, various windbones / experimental instruments and analog synthesizers. "All of the material on this album is dedicated to and inspired by the dynamic subconscious force which gave impulse to visions relating to auto-cannibalism and metempsychosis". Comes in an 6 panel cardboard covers with astounding silver-coloured drawings. (label info)

halo manash - par-antra I : vir   CD [aural hypnox] 14,00 €

 The first part of the par-antra trilogy, titled ’VIR’, consists of 9 very original, intense and multilayered tracks. The soundscape is based on various hypnotic e-bowed guitars, shamanic percussions and cymbals, windbones, chanting vocals, surreal samples and analog synthesizers, thus offering material from organic dark ambient / surreal electro-acoustics to sinister ritualistic atmospheres. Comes in an 8 page b/w A5 booklet with plenty of visual material and information to assist your meditation.

hati – works for scrap metal   CD [eter prod.] 14,00 €

hati – zero coma zero   CD-R [nefryt] 12,00 €

hati – recycled magick emissions   3"CD-R [nefryt] 7,00 €

hati – music for metal idiophones   CD-R [eter prod.] 12,00 €

hati – recycled magick soundsystem   CD-R [eter prod.]  12,00 €

hati – mantra-I (prehistory of hati: vol.1)   CD-R [eter prod.]  12,00 €

hati vs. z'ev - #1   CD [arsbenevolamater]  14,00 €

h.h.t.p. & portablepalace – cavitation   CD [monochrome vision] 14,00 €

 The interaction between computer science technology and freeform musical creative process becomes a central point in this international collaboration of three artists from Belarus and USA. The abstract soundscapes are obscured by intricate structures, acoustic phenomena and electronic effects, it's going to infinity and never repeat itself. The finest harmony of soundfield is credited to the principles of intuitive simulation, realised through the system of computer-aided instruments.

hidden - i see you before i leave   MC [deafborn] 6,00 €

hilter – prepared   CD-R box lim.30 (!) [juju 2006] 11,00 €

 apocalyptic historical ambient with melancholic organ and piano sounds and some voice samples in french and german from the dark ages of 20th century. if you like joyeaux de la princesse or dernière volonté you must have this closed wooden box edition limited to 30 items only !

huren – barracks   12" [zhark] 7,00 €

huren - tinsel town   12" [zhark] 7,00 €

idf – convulsion   LP [atavistic] 5,00 €

idf – carcass party   LP [atavistic] 5,00 €

imminent starvation – ethyl 6   LP [hymen] 10,00 €

inade – the crackling of the anonymous   2LP [loki foundation] 18,00 €

instant movie combinations – 9ymbo   CD-R lim.196 [abgurd] 11,00 €

 debut album of a promising noise drone ambient project from siberia. static, resilient waves of dissociating music. imagine 'ruh' by klaus wiese performed with digital devices, add some warm hisses and scratches and you'll get an idea of 9ymbo. full-color a5 sleeve with pieces of 8mm film, ink-jet printed cd. (label info)

jan ag – melodies for melanie   10" [licht-ung] 12,00 €

jazkamer – balls the size of texas liver the size of brazil   CD [purplesoil] 12,00 €

john watermann – calcutta gas chamber   CD [cold spring]  13,00 €

kadaver – the moon bares teeth   CD [paranoise] 13,00 €

 "the moon bares teeth" is a tale of apocalypse in three acts with a prologue (a jewish biblical ceremony for the departed) and a finale (a call for blood and death). minimal structured noise layered on deep subsonic frequency rumble leading to a dark tunnel of screaming hopelessness and destruction, creating a misanthropic feel that leaves you alone in the decay of human being. it ends with final breaths.

this is no music. this is cancer. it's the total emptiness of existence, the message of doom.

the first 100 comes in special handprinted cardboard package.

kallabris - 81° n.B., 178° ö.L. (2nd edition)   7" [drone records] 5,00 €

kapotte muziek/seymour – keulen/geht so   10" lim.276 [licht-ung 2006] 12,00 €

 part two of a new split-10" series by licht-ung in typical minimalistic outfit. pure acoustics by KM with material from their workshop in cologne and another fine experiment by milan sandbleistift.

kinetix – gestaltsystem 01: possible forms   2CD [monochrome vision 2006]  15,00 €

 this is not a double-cd album, it's an audio-set composed by two cd's planned to be played simultaneously. it containes 2x8 electronic sounds and sequences of identical length. using two cd-players in random/shuffle and repeat mode it generates several different compositions in continuous movement. this work can be intented as a device able to expand the ordinary possibilities of domestic listening.

klinikal skum – miasma   CD-R lim.102 [abgurd] 11,00 €

 new album from ryan oppermann of 'redrot', 'neuntoter der plag', etc. it features analogue synth-noise styled atmospheres, allthough there's actually no use of a synth. the theme with klinikal skum is of mental hospitals, clinic, medication, nurse fetish, medical fetish, psychosis etc. it is very much influenced by italian instrumental synth-noise like 'atrax morgue', 'm.bianchi', 'murder corporation'. it is dark, creepy and demented. b/w sleeve with insert, hand-sprayed cd with sticker. (label info)

linija mass – proletkult   LP [membrum debile] 14,00 €

lostheim - illusion of progress (2nd edition)  CD-R lim.49 [paranoise] 12,00 €

 deep drilling noise constructions made of electromagnetic fieldrecordings inspired by a hopy prophecy. electrosmog is a ghost. it's like slippery liquid surrounding your body and soul. you feel it. you know it's there. but you cannot see it. now you know what it sounds like. the strong power will blow your mind. last copies.

lusine icl - freak ep   12" [hymen] 7,00 €

lusine icl - slipthrough ep   12" [hymen] 7,00 €

maeror tri - meditamentum 1   CD [manifold] 14,00 €

maeror tri – hypnotikum 1   LP [soleilmoon] 13,00 €

maeror tri – hypnotikum 2   LP [poeta negra] 14,00 €

mandelbrot – auf tauchfahrt   CD [audiophob] 14,00 €

 audiophob presents another dark ambient act called Mandelbrot on the label. Mandelbrot was founded in 1994 by P. Muench (Synapscape, The Rorschach Garden etc.). The CD "Auf Tauchfahrt" was created in collaboration with B. Teichner (The Rorschach Garden). As you can see by it's name underwater worlds are used as the CD's main theme and even if the wheel wasn't reinvented, you will experience it in a very own way. Friends of Templegarden's will also like this work, not only because P. Muench and B. Teichner present 50% of Templegarden's current line up. (label info)

maria zerfall – zarah zerfall   LP [membrum debile] 14,00 €

marita schreck – anti-sound   CD [black channel] 14,00 €

melanchoholics – a single act of carelessness   CD [deafborn/multi national desaster 2006]  14,00 €

 Dark Ambient Electronics... with minimal guitar melodies and drones.

Building on the experimentations from their debut CD (with a mix of field-recordings, guitars, electronically manipulated sounds and spoken word fragments), Melanchoholics walk new paths by exploring several acoustic instruments (such as cello and accordion) and add various sources for drones to their gloomy mélange. Wake up with a thousand dreams and visions all shattered to dust... Join the noonday demons!

michael mantra – D#m/Gm   CD [purplesoil] 13,00 €

 D#m/Gm is an album of extended ambient listening of sonic icebergs slowly shifting over time. this album is based on ultra minimal dronecore, an exploration into the dark unknown of somber sonic states of the mysterious unknown and leveraging changes in states of feeling and states of consciousness. (cd-cover text)

midas factory – this time flowers grow  CD [midas factory 2006]  10,00 €

 finest wave-rock from cologne with all the attitudes of the dark 80ies. melancholic guitars, emotional vocals, tribal druming, strong basses in a very own style. if you like joy division, early cure, nick cave or killing joke, this cd is a must !

miguel a. ruiz – grosor   CD [monochrome vision] 14,00 €

 This is the new, remastered version of classic material recorded back in 80s, next to postindustrial aesthetics priority in electronic music. Rigorous and austere, ascetic but dynamic, this music rearranges everyday being into mindchallenging imagination, reserving the leading parts for the habitual processes and domestic objects. From the deep underground of Spanish industrial music, it comes to be rediscovered after 15 years.

militia – everything is one   CD [tactical] 14,00 €

militia – eco-anarchic manifesto   CD+book [tactical / malignant] 13,00 €

misery/sadogipnoz – (split-cd)   CD-R [8th moon art] 14,00 €

mohr/ignore alien orders - (split-lp)   LP [auf abwegen] 6,00 €

mono no aware – kitanai yatsu   CD [hands prod.] 15,00 €

monokrom - s/t   LP [ant-zen] 11,00 €

monokrom - s/t   CD [ant-zen] 14,00 €

mürnau - coeurs brûlés   LP+7"box [220n] 24,00 €

n|A - neu|Anfang - s/t   CD [paranoise] 13,00 €

 noise at its best. this new project from schwerin/germany deals with the decay of human culture. terms like war, propaganda and terror are transformed to an apocalyptic symbiosis of well structured powernoise and dark ambient. like a soundtrack you can imagine the ruins of the end of the world.

nadja / atavist / satori – infernal procession … and then everything dies   CD [cold spring]  11,00 €

netzach - force and fire   CD [membrum debile] 13,00 €

neutral - driving backwards   12" [hymen] 7,00 €

no - moongoon (1st edition)   7" [drone records] 6,00 €

objekt4 – her face among the shadows   CD [ravenheart] 13,00 €

omenya – ancient rites   CD [purplesoil] 12,00 €

 Following the works on tantric harmonies and klangalerie comes third offering of Mark Davis. Most delicate rapoon-esque ethno-ambience.

origami galaktika / i:wound / inderst elia – monolake   CD [purplesoil] 12,00 €

 Repress of the most beautiful of several origami galaktika/i:wound collaborations. Using fragments from still unreleased origami galaktika Laos Vegas album, recorded already in 2000 in Oslo, originally released on ambermusic year later, now carefully re-mastered from the original minidisk by Karel Kourek, man responsible for the sound of all recent h3o and oophoi albums.

orphx – vita mediativa   CD [hands prod.] original first edition 15,00 €

orphx – surface   LP [hands prod.] 12,00 €

p.a.l – remote   7" [hands prod.] 7,00 €

p.a.l - m@rix   CD [ant-zen] 14,00 €

pacific 231 - thule apocalypse   CD [old europa café] 15,00 €

pawel grabowski - cirr's songs (1st edition)   7" [drone records] 6,00 €

rafael flores - nubes, cometas, rumores y orugas   CD [monochrome vision] 14,00 €

 First official CD album of Rafael Flores who hails from the depth of spanish noise underground scene, known for his early works released under Comando Bruno moniker. This compilation presents the latest decade of his sound experimentation, and shows quite diverse sides of his creative efforts, which ranges from collaged field recordings to noise ambient loops, from rhythmic structures to hypnotic electronic passages.

rectal surgery – nachblutung   MC [deafborn] 5,00 €

rectal surgery/carsten vollmer - actually i tried.../tonbandprotokolle   7" [deafborn] 6,00 €

rectal surgery/nagasaki fondue - rs vs nf   MC [deafborn] 5,00 €

reutoff – unseen rituals   CD [ewers tonkunst] 14,00 €

reynols - 10.000 chickens symphony (2nd ed)   7" [drone records] 5,00 €

 very funny work using the crying sound of a concentration camp for chickens by this argentine project.

robert görl - night full of tension   LP (2.hd.) [mute] 5,00 €

sardh – stuur   CD [sardh] 12,00 €

satori – kanashibari   CD [cold spring]  13,00 €

scorn – greetings from birmingham   2LP [hymen] 12,00 €

silk saw - 4th dividers   CD [ant-zen] 14,00 €

silk saw - this time it's war   LP [hymen] 10,00 €

sister loolomie / polaris – out of space   3"CD-R [abgurd] 11,00 €

 split release. sister loolomie performs grainy drone ambient with rarefied sound and sentimental guitar melodies. sometimes the aural pressure grows to the extreme, eating your brain and dimming your reason… polaris evolves with a reworked track from 2002 : hollow, low frequency drones with solar wind whispers and bouncing signals from outside. (label info)

skalpell - in between   CD [deafborn] 13,00 €

 from harsh noise sculptures symbolizing the suffering and disease of the mentally over-evoluted human race... 

to meditative and repetitive sonic paradigms which open the door to passive resistance.

skrol - heretical antiphony   CD [membrum debile] 13,00 €

sleep research facility – deep frieze   CD [cold spring]  13,00 €

snog - relax into the abyss   LP [hymen] 11,00 €

soleilkraast - choresonic preludes (1st edition)   7" [drone records] 6,00 €

sona eact - engine works inc.   CD [pronoize] 14,00 €

spherical disrupted – null   CD [audiophob] 14,00 €

 Following the first offical release - the -oodB compilation - "Null" is the first full length solo album on audiophob. After releasing quite a few solo tape and cd-r releases, some collaboration works plus several compilation appearances and remix works, "Null" marks also the beginning of a new epoch for Spherical Disrupted as it is the first regular CD-album of this project. Just like on the previous releases of Spherical Disrupted you can expect headstrong and dark sound structures between ambient and noise, electronic sounds and field recordings.

spk - machine age voodoo   LP (2.hd.) [elektra] 5,00 €

S.Q.E. - wahid (1st edition)   7" [drone records] 6,00 €

squaremeter - kopyright liberation   LP [ant-zen] 11,00 €

starfish pool - illusions of move - chapter blue   LP [hymen] 7,00 €

subhuman – untitled 2   3"CD-R lim.198 [abgurd] 11,00 €

 here comes the second untitled work of subhuman. desolate and anguished symphony of aftermath. distant drones and whizzes, melancholic piano melodies, strict drum rolls and speeches. this can be used as a soundtrack for some documentary about ruined WW2 cities. (label info)

synapscape - positive pop   CD [ant-zen] 14,00 €

tam quam tabula rasa - cotidie morimur (2nd edition)   7" [drone records] 5,00 €

tarkatak - skärva (2nd edition)   7" [drone records] 5,00 €

telepherique - licht und schatten   CD [ant-zen] 14,00 €

terminal state - unline codes   CD [broken seal/aliens] 14,00 €

TFTT - un oeil autre part   CD [paranoise] 12,00 €

 dark ritual ambient project from belgium. dreamlike sequences, spacey drones, rumbling noises and psychedelic tones to infiltrate the depths of your conciousness. minimal half-rhythmic industrial spheres made with electronics and handmade sounds. long repetitive patterns based on cold and metallic background.

"ein relativ rauhes werk, das durch eigenwillige sounds aus der masse der veröffentlichungen hervorsticht." (equinoxe #24)

the syncopated elevators legacy - an heliocentric saltbox   LP [ambivalence lens] 8,00 €

tied + tickled trio - s/t   LP [kollaps/payola] 13,00 €

tore honore boe (origami republika) – suave siesta   CD [purplesoil] 12,00 €

 Originally intended just as a plain reissue of long gone siesta album (released in 2000 on JAZZASSIN label, Norway), this CD turned into something beyond the common sense for album repress. Suave Siesta. Features Suave, brand new full length recording by ORIGAMI REPUBLIKA president T. H. BOE, exploring yet undiscovered paths of environmental music. Expect five new tracks of calmed down exceptional ambience/environmental collages, 34 minutes of original Siesta recording and above all, an astonishing artwork.

trifid project - s/t   10" [vacuum] 10,00 €

troum – nahtscato   12" lim.300 [paranoise] 13,00 €

 three new tracks with more archaic hallucenogenic rituals by the german masters of drone.

"nahtscato" (old german for "nightshade") is a dark and sublime trip into the world of shadows which is only a projection of the un-identifiable in our minds, enriched by an archaic love-dance ("o choros..") and a kind of acoustic mirroring of the basis where the matter of thoughts ("tsal") arise...

this is archaic para-ambient industrial. LAST COPIES !

tzesne – huffduff   7" [drone records] 6,00 €

ultra de gaulle – hole   CD [day glo] 7,00 €

ultra de gaulle - 1000 eyes   mCD [day glo] 6,00 €

ultra milkmaids – peps   CD [düebel] 14,00 €

ultra milkmaids - disco 2k ep   10" [ant-zen] 10,00 €

urna – missadquumdahle   CD-R [abgurd] 11,00 €

 early recordings of this italian death ambient project. bells, singing bowls, deviant shrieks and moanings, raped classical melodies and organ masses wrap you into a rotting cerement of pestilential danse macabre. contains 'templum sub terra' mc from 1999. (label info)

v.a. – walking in the rain on the ostrow tumski   CD [arsbenevolamater]  14,00 €

 polish compilation with leiche rustikal, oxyd, allerseelen, troum, job karma, sol invictus, lagowski, tabor radosti, herbst9, hati vs z'ev.

v.a. - oodB/audiophob compilation   2CD [audiophob] 17,00 €

v.a. – audiotrop compilation   CD [audiotrop] 12,00 €

 debut release of a new label from cologne with elfish echo, fatagaga, 8m2stereo, z'ev, co.caspar, fura bliss, shades & shapes, lostheim. audiotrop is a collaboration of paranoise records, drittland and satori hype records.

v.a. - paranoise one special edition   CD-box lim.220 [paranoise] 14,00 €

v.a. - paranoise one normal edition   CD lim.280 [paranoise] 11,00 €

 this compilation contains a various mixture of ambient, experimental and industrial styles by the following artists : gerechtigkeitsliga, co.caspar, courtis, incite, axiomatic integration, hidden technology, melanchoholics, lostheim, ryfylke, fatagaga, elfish echo, les rejetons de dd5 & dd6, interferenz, luminous, roland, gumminonnen, milan sandbleistift. the fullcolor 20page booklet contains individual artworks by each artist. special edition comes in wooden box with branding.

v.a. - ten years of madness.. (2nd ed.)   2CD [achtung baby] 18,00 €

v.a. - 2000 hands   5LP-box [hands prod.] 32,00 €

v.a. - dedication part II   CD [artware audio] 13,00 €

v.a. - garten der verschlungenen pfade   CD [artefakt] 14,00 €

v.a. - be infected/slovak electronic therapy vol.2   CD [aliens prod.] 11,00 €

v.a. - noise transmission   CD [deafborn] 13,00 €

v.a. - oscotarach   2LP [deafborn] 16,00 €

 4 industrial and dark ambient bands on 4 vinyl sides : chilling ambient by skalpell, strange dark noise layers by spherical disrupted, harsh cut-ups by carsten vollmer and low frequency ambient by hidden technology. 180g heavy vinyl with nice special package.

veruschka - the secret   10" [ant-zen] 11,00 €

vetrophonia – symformoza   CD-R [ultra] 14,00 €

vetrophonia - turning virgins into doves   VHS-video [ultra] 15,00 €

vo.i.d – alloskren   CD [membrum debile] 13,00 €

voltaire - the devil's bris   CD (2.hd) [projekt] 7,00 €

vromb - emission pilote   12" [hymen] 10,00 €

vromb – interlüder   CD [pflichtkauf] 12,00 €

warum joe - la revanche de montezuma   2LP (2.hd) [new rose] 8,00 €

winterkälte – structures of destruction   3LP-box [hands prod.] 21,00 €

winterkälte - drum'n'noise   3LP-box [hands prod.] 21,00 €

xabec – schneegarten   LP [hands prod.] 14,00 €

xingu hill – alterity   CD [hymen] 14,00 €

yuzuru syogase/kaiser nietzsche - s/t   CD [artware audio] 13,00 €

zeni geva – maximum money monster   CD [cold spring]  13,00 €            

zero degree - s/t   CD [audiophob] 14,00 €

 The fourth release on audiophob presents the first works of the new project "Zero Degree", which was born out of the need to create something new after exploring the fields of power electronics for the last several years. The 8 IDM influenced tracks on this debut album give the evidence that ambient and rhythm fit together perfectly.

z'ev – metaphonics   CD-R [eter prod.]  12,00 €

z'ev – past life  special edition  CD-object lim.49 [paranoise] 24,00 €

z'ev – past life  normal edition  CD lim.443 [paranoise] 14,00 €

 shamanic druming and ritual percussion performed live in cologne by this pioneer of industrial music. the natural reverb and resonance of the room gives this recording a very special sound. z'ev : "the sound is so collossal and ... the instruments are so sparse - it blows peoples minds."

cd is fixed on a metal plate with sticker on the backside. special edition comes as a gong stand object numbered and limited to 49.

zoät-aon - star autopsy   CD [aural hypnox] 14,00 €

 'Star Autopsy' presents nine multi-dimensional dark ambient tracks which range from radiant textures, mesmerizing / swirling soundscapes to dense / crushing walls of sound and hidden abstract melodies. By using conventional instruments, various sound generating devices (such as analog synthesizers and samplers), vocals and other carefully chosen sonic objects Zoät·Aon manages to create an unique, dynamic and truly enigmatic / expansive atmosphere that continuously spirals further towards the unknown areas of consciousness. Comes in an 6 panel cardboard covers with evocative silver-coloured graphics.

zoät-aon – the triplex bestial   CD [aural hypnox 2006] 14,00 €               

zone nord - (persian title)   CD [les disques bruitistes] 14,00 €                

zzznrrr - intra auriculär   LP+7"box [220n] 21,00 €